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To advertise with NewTalentAllTalent means
to market to a variety of entertainment
talent as well as entertainment professionals
who provide resources, services, management
and agent representation throughout the
entertainment industry.

There are three effective methods to advertise
with NewTalentAllTalent:

The homepage "Showcase Screen" allows you to
run audio/video, audio only, video only or
text advertising, which will capture viewer
attention immediately upon landing on our
homepage. To start a "Showcase Screen" campaign,
go to

"Banner Advertising" is available throughout our
website; positioned at the head and foot of our
pages. To start a "Banner Advertising" campaign,
go to
Create your free banner at bannerfans.com.
The homepage "Link Exchange" is located at the
foot of our homepage. This is a free program
offered to entertainment related websites. We place
your website text link on our homepage in exchange
for our website text link being placed on your homepage.
To start a "Link Exchange" campaign, simply include your
homepage web address in your e-mail to us for consideration.
Send your e-mail to sales@newtalentalltalent.com.
Once advertising is paid, customer time slots and
positions are blocked. For this reason,
NewTalentAllTalent, LLC has a no refund policy on
all advertising sales.

Thank you for your interest in advertising with